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Recipes from hand to hand…. Passion from generation to generation !!

Providing our customers with excellent and prompt service is a priority for us. In fact, it is our primary objective. It fills us with satisfaction and gives us the strength we need to press on to our next challenge. It is the raw material out of which our new business plans arise. We remain at our customers’ side and support them with both the extremely high quality of our products and with the best possible cooperation, thus helping them to increase their sales.

Between us, we have developed a relationship based on trust and mutual support. We work together for our mutual interests and to enhance the business ventures embarked on in our sector. Our customers are also our partners. That’s the key to the success of our partnerships on both a profession and a personal level.

Our products are distributed throughout Attiki, quickly and safely. Our freezer trucks deliver our products to our customers’ stores, observing all the applicable health and safety regulations.

In our traditional family bakery, we produce superior-quality products based on fresh butter, fresh milk and our fine flours in combination with the highest-quality charcuterie and cheeses, both domestic and imported. Our products have firmly established us in the premium market.

Since we love what we do and know how central a place “pies” occupy on the Greek family dinner table, we decided to produce and promote this prestigious product.

And with the encouragement of very many friends and colleagues, we decided to make our products available wholesale, though only to select associates who “love what they do” and are interested in developing their business and increasing their sales.

We produce only superior-quality products for our stores, and have just one production quality. What does that mean? It means that our wholesale partners sell precisely the same products that we at “Konitsa” sell in our own shops.

There is no reduced quality production! No top-quality stuff for us, and lesser-quality produce for our wholesale partners.

There is a single production quality for everyone.

We support your efforts

Our customers are our partners, and we support them at every step they take commercially. We believe that one of the main factors underlying our success is the user-friendly support we provide our customers when they are setting up their shops. We’ve come to realize this over our many years in the food business.

Which is why we produce both our existing and our future partners with this service free of charge. We suggest how they might want to arrange their shop to make it as practical and efficient as possible. Our proposal includes the correct layout, how to position equipment in the most functional way, and efficient sales methods.
We are constantly at our partners’ side to offer advice on best management practices and to help solve any problems that might arise.

Orders can be made by telephone, Monday to Friday, 7.30 to 15.30, on 2105573685 and 2102241340.

If you would like to receive sample products to try, give us a call on 2105573685 or 2102241340

The prices in the list below depend on order size and by prior agreement. For professionals only.

This honest and serious approach is the only way forward.

We would like to thank our partners from the heart for the trust they place in us every day and for “hosting” our products through their businesses. We promise that we will continue to support them by continually improving our products and services with a view to constantly growing sales.

Thank you very much
The Konitsa Family