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Leavened dough

A light, butter-rich dough made with yeast, milk and eggs and wrapped around various savoury treats

A tasty, light pastry with a substantial cold cuts and cheese filling. There are several variations: peinirli with charcuterie, with mince, with soutzouki, and with sausage.

Individual pizza
Light leavened dough with a red sauce we make ourselves, stuffed with various kinds of cold cuts and yellow cheeses. With a rich, juicy, delicious filling.

A square, six-portion pizza with a light leavened base and a tomato sauce we make ourselves, filled with various kinds of cold cuts, yellow cheeses and coloured peppers. With a rich, juicy, delicious filling.

Burger pizza
This light and filling pizza has a juicy 115 g burger on it in place of cold cuts. Covered in a red sauce we make ourselves, bacon and Dutch Edam cheese.

Chicken and bacon
Fluffy leavened pastry with chicken fillets, finely chopped bacon, yellow cheeses and a special mustard sauce we make ourselves.

Burger pie
115 g beef burger wrapped in light and airy leavened pastry. With added yellow cheeses, bacon and a red sauce we make ourselves.

Sausage roll with mixed cheeses
Fluffy leavened pastry with sesame wrapped around two mini sausages and a yellow cheese mix.

Chicken pizza
Chicken fillet and bacon in a rich white sauce we make ourselves.

With a selection of charcuterie, yellow cheeses and a tomato sauce

Pizza bases
Round pastry bases for creating the pizzas of your dreams!

Dough balls
150 g balls of fluffy pastry for you to shape as you like. For pizzas, peinirli, calzone, olive bread, raisin bread… the possibilities are endless.



We knead the buttery dough ever so gently, until it’s ready to gently embrace our fillings Our sweet fillings are praline and dark chocolate. While our savoury croissants feature top-quality charcuterie and yellow cheeses.

  • Butter
  • Ham and cheese
  • Dark chocolate
  • Praline