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Bougatsa pastry

Hand made flaky pastry which we ‘throw’ in the air to stretch to the perfect thickness. Which times great skill and years of practice. The art has been passed on from generation to generation…

Bougatsa with custard
Handmade flaky pastry filled with a delicious custard we make ourselves out of fresh milk, vanilla and fresh butter. Just as sweet as it needs to be….

Bougatsa with cheese
Handmade flaky pastry filled with feta cheese and kefalograviera.

Bougatsa with meat (portion)
Handmade flaky pastry filled with minced beef, onion, sweet paprika and spices. The filling is especially fragrant, thanks to the Zitsas wine we use in it.

Bougatsa with chocolate custard
Our delicious custard filling combined with dark chocolate. The perfect combination of flavours!