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The principles of our company, which were passed down to us by our fathers and their fathers before them, and which we respect and consistently apply, are non-negotiable. They are:

  • Respect for the family tradition.
  • Being honest and fair with everyone we deal with.
  •  Total quality.
  • Working together as a team.
  • Moving with the times.

Ensuring the quality and consistency of our products is something we care a lot about. But our key concern is the safety of our employees and providing them with a high-quality working environment.

Our production is based on traditional recipes from Epirus, which we prepare in the old way… by hand. Our pastries are all made by experienced artisans who love what they do. Our ‘secret’ recipe has three main ingredients: Passion, Care, Quality.

Sticking to tradition

Guided by the long traditions of Epirus and of our family, we produce high-quality, authentic, hand-made traditional pastry products.

The people of Epirus have always known everything there is to know about pastry. If we close our eyes, we can hear the Epirot mother’s blessing: “May you end up making buns in Constantinople!”. In today’s world, that translates into opening up to new markets, seeking our opportunities, and earning recognition for a job well done. Professionally, we are guided by our principles, which are rooted in respect for the people we deal with (customers and employees) as we produce and distribute outstanding products made with the purest and freshest ingredients the Greek earth can provide. And in respect for the dietary customs of Epirus and Greece: the simple, natural, healthy approach to food with which generation after generation of Greeks have been raised.