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All our products are handmade. Without the use of “large-scale production lines”. When the product gets to the stage at which it needs to be frozen, so it can be packed and distributed safely, all our products go through the “freezing oven” process, whereby they are subjected to a thermal shock which freezes them without any loss to quality. This process also prevents microbial contamination of the product. It is a very expensive process. But it ensures that our products reach the consumer safely and with their original features intact.

Our production facility produces only selected products made with strictly selected ingredients and without the use of preservatives or flavour enhancers. All the vegetables we use in our pie fillings are fresh and of the highest quality.
All our products are produced exclusively by hand by skilled artisans with a passion for what they do. This makes us unique in our market sector. We love what we do and appreciate the central importance of pies for the Greek family and their diet—which is why we decided to produce and promote this prestigious product.

All our pies are rolled out by hand using a traditional rolling pin, just like the one our grandma Foteini used to use

In our traditional workshop, we produce superior-quality products using fresh butter, fresh milk, and top-grade flours. Combined with the highest quality meats and cheeses in Greece, this has allowed us to establish ourselves in the premium market.

Ensuring the quality and consistency of our products is something we care a lot about.

But our key concern is the safety of our employees and providing them with a high-quality working environment.