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Our family is from Konitsa on both my mother and my father’s side. Which means we know about pies and everything they mean to families from Epirus—who could still put food on the table when times were hard. Flour, water, salt, a little olive oil and whatever greens or nettles were to be found in our little kitchen garden, which came to the rescue of many a family in Epirus when the going got tough.

Our family embarked on its own culinary journey in 1956, and our principles haven’t changed since: quality, pure ingredients, variety, and respect for tradition and the traditional Epirot recipes that have been handed down to us from one generation to the next. We prepare the same recipes our grandmother Foteini used to bake for us—
Kyra Fotsa, or Alexaina—Alexis’ wife, which is what the whole of Konitsa used to call her…

Oh, gran, we miss you so…

Bougatsa like it used to be…

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Our bougatsa has a light and airy, crisp and dry pastry that’s a triumph. Combined with a sweet, vanilla custard with just the right texture, the result is one of the best bougatsa I’ve ever tasted in Athens.

Artisans enjoy a special place in Epirus society. Looked up to by their local communities, their fame has spread throughout Greece. Our stonemasons and silversmiths, cheese makers and pie-makers are all dedicated to their art, and their products are prized everywhere. Remaining true to our local tradition and to our artisans, we create pure, traditional, hand-made products. We continue the values and way of life of the generations that came before us, along with their dietary customs and preferences. But we also keep up with development and are constantly improving our production process to cater for conditions today.